A Look at Comfort Zone

If you're one of the few people following my musical progression from its early stages, you may have seen a project like Comfort Zone coming for me. It was a natural transition for my sound and it's honestly  a collection of loosies and vaulted songs thrown into a mixtape with very little polish.  This will likely be my first and perhaps only full project using this sound so it was an important release for me to establish versatility. 

But I have to be frank with my fans, listeners, and most importantly myself. This was not my best work.  I'm okay with this because I view these projects as a stepping stone and an experiment and I'm constantly evolving and changing my sound in order to create something new, unique, and special in the future.  I think reflecting on each project honestly is going to be a powerful learning tool for me going forward and I will continue to do so with each release.



Mike Holmes